Lawns & Edges

Get a fine cut with a high end roller mower. Edges expertly sheared, cut or strimmed.

Shrubs & Hedges

Shrubs of all sizes pruned and fed. All types of hedges cut and cleared.

Flower Beds & Borders

A complete and thorough service. Feeding, weeding and managing your flowering beds and borders.

Roses, Climbers & Ramblers

All aspects of rose care and management. Restore some order. Brambles not a problem!

Strimming & Trimming

Large areas strimmed, from tough scrubs to grassy meadows.

Drives, Patios & Paths

Keeping your runways clear! Without the need for pesticides.

Composting & Soil Improvement

Top tips for making the best use out of green waste. Improve your soil pH.

Consultation & Planning

Enabling all your soft landscaping needs.

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